Experimental Celler

Wine Experimental Cellar (WEC)

The WEC: an experimental cellar dedicated to the development of new products.

The WEC: an essential step between laboratory and winery

  • 44 temperature-regulated tanks, 200L in size, and perfectly adapted to conduct winemaking comparisons.
  • A dedicated and permanent team ensures the management of wines from harvest to bottling.
  • Analytical support from SARCO laboratory.

The WEC: full scale trials

Quality trials performed under rigorous conditions:

  • Products developed by LAFFORT® are trialled to confirm their efficiency and the reproducibility of the results.
  • Winemaking experiments are performed to bring answers, to confirm expectations, or to understand market needs (most recently, the reduction of SO2, also malolactic bacteria co-inoculation, etc.).

The WEC: quality tastings

Over 150 comparisons each year:

  • Test the homogeneity of the harvest.
  • Validate the reproducibility of trials.
  • Define pertinent and reliable elements of comparison.