Nutristart® KP - 1 kg Bag

Combination of growth factors (nitrogen, vitamins and minerals), promoting yeast multiplication. Kosher Certificate for Passover available.
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Complete nutrient combining, organic nitrogen, mineral nitrogen and thiamine.

This specific formulation combines different assimilable nitrogen sources (ammonium phosphate, inactivated yeast, and yeast autolysates) bringing to the yeast a fast assimilable mineral nitrogen and organic nitrogen of a slower assimilation.

The yeast autolysates are richer in intracellular content and offer a significantly higher nutritional value in growth factors than inactivated yeast, that, on the other hand, contains a higher membrane fraction. The complementary nature of these two categories of yeast derivatives combined with the other components leed to the global and singular formulation of NUTRISTART®, a high performance nutrient.


• The development of a sufficient yeast population,

• Regular and complete alcoholic fermentation,

• The prevention of undesirable compound formation (H2S, VA, etc.).


• 20 to 60 g/hL (200 - 600 ppm) for white, rosé or red. Dosage should be based on the initial assimilable nitrogen content of the must, the potential alcohol degree and the turbidity.

• European maximum legal dosage: 60 g/hL (600 ppm) (the maximum NUTRISTART® dosage supplies 0.6 ppm of thiamine).

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation: 5.00 lb/1,000gal (600ppm)

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