Tanin Galalcool® - 1 kg Bag

Gallic tannin in granulated form to be used for white and rosé fermentation.
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TANIN GALALCOOL® is a highly pure extract of gallic tannins, with physiochemical properties that are particularly well adapted to white and rosé must vinification.

• Reduces natural enzymatic oxidation activity (laccase or tyrosinase), complementing the activity of SO2.

• Favors the precipitation of unstable proteins in complement of bentonite use.

• Regulates and minimizes the addition of SO2 due to its excellent anti-oxidant activity.

• Improves clarification.


• Oxidation & Botrytis protection: 5 - 20 g/hL (50 - 200 ppm).

• Bottling of sparkling wines: 2 - 4 g/hL (20 - 40 ppm)

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation

The residual amount of tannin, calculated in GAE, must not exceed 6.4 GAE per 1000 gallons of wine (800 mg/L) in white wine and 24 pounds per 1000 gallons (3 g/L) in red wine.

Total tannin must not be increased by more than 150 ppm (150 mg/L; 0.150 g/L) by the addition of tannic acid (poly-galloylglucose).

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