Thiazote® KP - 1 kg Bag

Blend of diammonium phosphate and thiamine hydrochlorate (0.12%) Mineral nutrient for fermentation. Kosher Certificate for Passover available.
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The combined provision of ammonium salts and hydrochlorate thiamine (vitamin B1) contained in THIAZOTE® permits:

• The multiplication of the yeast population whilst ensuring viability,

• Fermentation acceleration,

• A decrease in ketonic acid content (the role of thiamine), which is able to bind SO2.

In the case of an assimilable nitrogen deficiency in the must, it is essential to add nitrogen in order to ensure yeast multiplication and efficient alcoholic fermentation.

10 g/hL (100 ppm) of THIAZOTE® produces on average of 21 mg/L of assimilable nitrogen.


• 10 to 50g/hL (100-500 ppm) to be determined depending on the initial content of available nitrogen in the must.

• The addition of 10g/hL of Thiazote KP corresponds to an input of 21 mg/L of nitrogen available to the yeasts

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation: 4.2 lb/1,000gal (500ppm)

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