Vegemust® - 1 kg Bag

Clarification agent based on vegetable proteins (potato protein isolate and pea).
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VEGEMUST® is a specific combination of pure vegetable proteins with a high flocculation capacity, suitable for static cold settling and fining in fermentation of white and rosé wines.

  • High zeta potential, synergistic effect of the proteins.
  • Promotes elimination of oxidized and oxidizable phenolic compounds.
  • The presence of potato protein isolate helps to reduce the risk of wine oxidation at an early stage, by lowering the concentration of oxidized or oxidizable phenolic compounds in the must.


• White and rosé musts: 10 - 40 g/hL.

• Wine: 5 - 20 g/hL. The dose recommendations are variable depending on the grape variety, the characteristics of the wine and the desired profile. Tests before addition will help to determine the correct and sufficient dose.

• EU regulations: Maximum dose: 50 g/hL

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.250 Materials for the treatment of wine and juice administratively approved for continual use pending the outcome of rulemaking.

Please contact your Laffort Technical Representative for information about exporting wines made with this product.

The amount used must not exceed 0.5 g/L.

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