Zymaflore® 011 Bio - 500 g Pack

Certified organic Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in accordance with National Organic Program (NOP) regulations.
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Certified organic yeast according to organic production methods in accordance with American regulations (NOP) for organic production.

"Terroir" selection.  Grape varieties: All wines.

Strain selected for:

• Its remarkable fermentation capacities.

• Its good resistance to alcohol.

• Its respect for grape variety specificity.

Its resistance to alcohol makes ZYMAFLORE® 011 BIO particularly well-adapted to restarting fermentations or reinoculation in the case of sluggish spontaneous fermentations to ensure a clean AF finish.


  • 20 - 30 g/hL (200 - 300 ppm). 30 - 50 g/hL (300 - 500 ppm) in the case of a second yeast addition at the end of AF or for restarting fermentations. (please refer to our protocol for restarting alcoholic fermentation).
  • In the case of cold prefermentation maceration, it is recommended to add the yeast at 5 g/hL (50 ppm) during tanking, in order to dominate indigenous flora, then complete with 15 to 20 g/hL (150 to 200 ppm) at the end of maceration, before increasing the temperature.
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