Zymaflore® Alpha - 500 g Pack

Torulaspora delbrueckii for aromatic complexity in white wines. and for increased volume and mouthfeel on the palate in red and white wines.
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Torulaspora delbrueckii

Crafting biodiversity in association with Saccharomyces cerevisiae for wines with high organoleptic complexity.

"Terroir" selection.

  • Significant volume and length on the palate.
  • Enhances aromatic diversity and intensity.
  • Low volatile acidity production.
  • Aromatic purity (POF(-)), low acetaldehyde, acetoin, diacetyl, volatile acidity and H2S production
  • Recommended for white, red or rosé wines with superior organoleptic complexity (both aromatic composition and palate depth).

Protocol for Use:

Important: rehydrate ZYMAFLORE® AlphaTD n. Sacch in water at 25 - 30 °C (77 - 86°F).

• Dry wines: Add 30 g/hL (300 ppm) of ZYMAFLORE® AlphaTD n. Sacch to the must, then 24 - 72 hrs afterwards, add 20 g/hL (200 ppm) of S. cerevisiae (ZYMAFLORE® XPURE, ZYMAFLORE® FX10, ZYMAFLORE® RX60, ZYMAFLORE® X16, ZYMAFLORE® X5…).

• Sweet wines: Add 40 g/hL (400 ppm) of ZYMAFLORE® AlphaTD n. Sacch to the must, then 5 - 10 hrs afterwards, add 20 g/hL (200 ppm) of S. cerevisiae (ZYMAFLORE® ST…).

APPLICATION IN BIOPROTECTION: Add 2 to 10 g/hL (20 to 100 ppm) of ZYMAFLORE® AlphaTD n. Sacch directly on grape or must (sound harvest): then proceed to yeasting with S. Cerevisiae at 20 g/hL (200 ppm) to insure alcoholic fermentation.


• Carefully follow the yeast rehydration protocol indicated on the packet. • Avoid temperature differences exceeding 10°C (18°F) between the must and the yeast during inoculation. Total yeast preparation time must not exceed 45 minutes

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