Lafase® HE Grand Cru (Various Sizes)

Pectolytic enzyme preparation, purified of cinnamoyl esterase and anthocyanase for the production of full-bodied red wines rich in coloring matter and structured tannins.
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Lafase® HE Grand Cru - 100 g Tin
Lafase® HE Grand Cru - 500 g Tin

Purified pectolytic enzyme preparation for the production of full bodied red wines that are rich in colouring matter and structured tannins, destined for aging.

• Allows a strong selective extraction of rhamnogalacturonan type II (components of the skin and pulp), favoring a better stability of coloring matter and the coating of tannins.

• Allows a better stability of color over time (anthocyanase purification).

• Limits the formation of ethyl phenol precursors during a potential Brettanomyces contamination by purification of cinnamoyl esterase.

• Aids wine clarification.

• Allows the production of structured red wines, rich in color and polymerized tannins, with good mouthfeel.


•Adapt the dosage to the skin quality (thickness), phenolic maturity and the state of sanitation of the grapes.

• Red: 3 to 5 g/100 kg of grapes. - Under-ripe or thick skins: 4 to 5 g/100 kg of grapes. - Optimal maturity or thin skins: 3 to 4 g/100 kg

• Infected grapes: 5 g/100 kg (to be incorporated after fermentation has started

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 No Specific TTB Limitation

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