Lafazym® Press (Various Sizes)

Liquid purified blend of pectolytic enzymes to maximize yield, reduce required pressure, and optimize extraction of aroma precursors for white and rosé must.
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Lafazym® Press - 100 g Tin
Lafazym® Press - 500 g Tin

Pectolytic enzyme preparation purified of cinnamoyl esterase for optimizing pressing and extraction of aroma precursors during the production of white and rosé wines.

• Improves clarification.

• Improves free-run juice and first pressing yields.

• Decreases the duration of pressing cycles.

• Improves pressing management: pressing at low pressures and shorter cycles.

 • Less crushing of seeds and skins to limit the extraction of phenolic compounds, oxidation of juice and pH variations.

• Reduces skin contact processing time to a few hours, only that time to fill the press.


The dosage must be altered according to grape skin thickness, the turbidity desired and to the state of sanitation of the grapes.

•White and rosés: 2 to 5 g/100 kg of grapes

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 No Specific TTB Limitation

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